For most of us a car is the second most expensive purchase we make after a house.  Quite often the security of our vehicles can be overlooked until its too late.

There are more than two million vehicle related thefts each year.  Not only is it a nuisance but it also increases your car insurance premiums for the future.

The first and most obvious way to secure your car is to fit a car alarm.  Although some modern cars do come with an alarm don’t just assume that because it has a remote control for central locking don’t assume that it also has an alarm fitted.  If your car does have a factory fitted alarm its worth considering upgrading it to an aftermarket version factory fitted car alarms are all the same on each model so if a thief works out how to dis-arm one they can do the same for any other cars of the same model.  With aftermarket car alarms there are lots of different varieties and each installer will tend to install the alarm in a different way.

An alarm that has a pager system is a good idea to let you know when your alarm has been set off.  This is much more reliable than hoping that a neighbor or passer by alerts you if youve not heard it yourself.  Also particularly useful if you have to park your car along way from home or work.

As well as protecting the theft of your car itself you need to protect the items inside your car.  You should obviously never leave any valuables, such as mobile phones, handbags, satnav etc. on view in you car to encourage any opportunist thieves to break in.  Always lock any valuables in the car glove box or boot.  One of the most popular thefts from cars is the car stereo.  If your stereo system has a removable front panel make sure you always take it with you.  Most stereos also come with a built in security code so make sure it is enabled and you keep a record of the code along with the serial number of the radio somewhere safe at home.

An immobiliser is another good car security device they stop the car being started unless the correct key or fob is present.  A lot of cars come with a factory fitted immobiliser.  If you were interested in getting an immobilizer fitted wed recommend a Thatcham approved immobilizer.

Finally if you already have a car alarm and an immobiliser but would like added security then a tracker would be the next step.  Using GPS systems you will be able to establish the exact position of your car wherever you are.  If your car starts to move without the key being present then the tracking company will contact you to ensure you are aware of the cars movements.

Car Security System Installation

As well as protecting your car with the above features you should also keep your car keys safe at all times.  Never leave your keys on a table when in a public place or even anywhere near the door or letterbox at home.  All the car security devices in the world are no good if a thief has your keys.

Other obvious car security tips include ensuring you always lock your car.  Keyless entry is becoming popular to allow drivers to simply walk up to their vehicle with a fob somewhere on their person and simply open the car.  Likewise when they walk away from the car it will automatically lock.

Parking in a well-lit busy place can help to protect your vehicle and deter any potential thieves.  If you have a garage at home thats full of junk its worth considering the value of your vehicle compared to the value of your garage contents and potentially clearing it out to make way for your car.

We hope this guide has been useful, if there is anything youd like to discuss in more detail please feel free to contact us.