During this cold spell, we have been receiving a lot of questions about our heated seat options and installations. We can add heated seats to virtually any vehicle – including those that already have them installed, but are faulty.

After our heated seat installation, the seat won’t look any different, other than a button – we do not overlay anything onto the seat itself.
In the image above, you can see that we installed the button on the front of the plastic trim, on the right side of the driver’s seat.
We always use at least a 2-pad kit, this gives you heating on the base and back of the seat.
If your seat has stitching down the middle we will use a 4-pad kit to allow us to go on either side of the stitching.
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Our heated seat pads are high-quality carbon fibre heater elements. They have integrated temperature monitors to ensure an even distribution of heat as well as to ensure that they don’t overheat.
We insert our heated pads from the rear of the seat where most seats are naturally finished and joined. Our heated seats are suitable for all seat finishes including leather, cloth or Vinyl.
For some vehicles, we remove the seat, but for others, we can leave them in situ.
The only difference that you will see from our seats is a small “rocker” switch. The switch is off when it’s in the middle, on low when it’s down and high when it’s up.
The heated seats are linked to the ignition, so they will only come on if the ignition of the vehicle is on. If you leave them on low, they will stay on low each time you get in the vehicle.
Most of the heated seats we install have the button on edge of the seat as pictured here:
For some customers we have installed the button in the centre console of the vehicle, like this:
It’s rarely possible for us to be able to install the button in an OEM location due to the space required for our wiring.
You can see a time-lapse of a heated seat installation here, this vehicle is a VW Caddy Van:
We can install either one or two heated seats in vehicles. If you have a “bench” front seat or are interested in adding heated seats to the rear of your vehicles please pop in to see us. The installation logistics are a bit more complicated and we will need to see your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add heated seats to my car?
Yes, 99% of vehicles can have our heated seat pads added, please contact us to confirm.
Is it a heated seat cover?
No, we professionally install the pads into the existing seat underneath the OEM cover.
Can I get just one heated seat fitted?
Yes no problem, they are completely independent so you can install just a driver-heated seat, just a passenger-heated seat, or both.
Can I add heated seats to the rear?
Yes, but it is a bit more complicated and we’d prefer to see the vehicle before being able to give a quote.
Can you install the heated seat switch on the dash?
In most cases, it’s a no. We need more space behind the dash so please call us to discuss your vehicle.
Can I install heated seats to my leather car seats?
Yes, that is no problem.
Can you fix my heated seats?
We don’t get involved with fixing the original heated seats, but we can replace them with our kits and ensure the original seats are disconnected.
How much are heated seats?
It’s best to contact us to discuss your vehicle and requirements so we can provide a bespoke quote.
How long do heated seats take to install?
If you’re having one seat we would allow approximately 2 hours, if you’re having 2 seats installed we allow approximately 4 hours.
Do you remove my seats?
For some vehicles, yes, but not always.
Can I install a heated seat myself?
Unless you’re using a heated seat cover that just lays over the top of your existing seat we wouldn’t recommend attempting our heated seat installation yourself. As well as carefully inserting the heated seat into the chair you will also need to know how to wire the buttons so that they only work on ignition.
What warranty do I get?
All our work comes with a 1-year warranty.

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