Witness Cameras

If you’re unfortunate enough to have been involved in a car accident then you’re probably all too well aware of the length of time and confusion which comes with dealing with the incident.

Quite often there are conflicting views about what has happened.

Witness Cameras are now very popular in vehicles to keep a record of events both day and night, even whilst the car isn’t being driven.

Unfortunately crash for cash accidents are on the rise, these are accidents where a driver has caused another vehicle to have an accident with them to be able to fraudulently claim for injuries.

blackvue witness camera installation

blackvue witness camera installation

Save Time & Money with a Witness Camera installed.

A witness camera can help you to save time and money with video evidence recording the incident and even includes sound.  If you have a conversation with the other driver near your vehicle it is likely to be heard on the witness camera.

If your vehicle happens to be involved in an incident the recording can simply be saved to a computer and either emailed or downloaded and sent to any relevant parties as evidence.

Witness cameras are supplied and fitted from £156 (£130 + vat).

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