Ford Transit Custom Audio Upgrades

Notoriously bad for their audio quality

Ford Transit Custom audio upgrades 

Many traders spend extensive hours in their vans, making the Ford Transit Custom a popular choice for upgrades at our workshop.

Vehicle sound often goes overlooked during the buying process. It’s when you’re driving home, filled with excitement, that you notice the lackluster sound system.

Even with supposed “upgraded” audio packages, sound quality can disappoint. But fear not, at Enhance, we cater to every budget and audiophile craving.

For this specific Ford Transit Custom, we were given a £2000 budget. Our enhancements included Audison Prima Components for front and rear speakers, powered by a 4-channel Hertz ML amplifier. We also integrated an Audison Prima 10” active sub paired with an Audison Bit Ten Processor.

The Audison Prima series targets music enthusiasts seeking discreet yet substantial vehicle improvements. The 10” active sub stands as our top-selling option, delivering compact versatility suitable for most vehicles.

Behind its sleek design, the Hertz ML Power 4 amplifier packs remarkable strength. Meanwhile, the Audison Bit Ten processor elevates the system to high-performance standards.

The comprehensive bill totaled just under £2500, covering VAT, installation, and a lifetime warranty on all parts (changed to 5 years in 2023). The customer expressed great satisfaction with the installation.

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Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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