Ford Kuga Audio Upgrade with Subwoofer

The Ford Kuga stands out as a reliable family car, yet, like many vehicles, its sound system could use improvement.

To enhance the audio experience, we suggest starting with a subwoofer addition, which can elevate sound quality by up to 45%. In this case, the customer opted for the Eton 10″ sub.

The Eton UG USB 10 boasts an active flat subwoofer design with a built-in amplifier, all neatly integrated into a robust unit.

Eton 10

Eton 10″ slimline sub for cars sound system upgrade

While this customer initially considered a Pioneer Sub, we advise against Pioneer for audio upgrades. Instead, we recommend specialised vehicle audio brands like Hertz, Audison, and Eton for optimal results.

Note that if your car has electric seats, the sub may not fit underneath; however, it performs exceptionally when installed in the boot.

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