Ford Kuga Sub Installation

Ford Kuga Audio Upgrade

The Ford Kuga is a great practical family car, but (as with most vehicles) the sound system is lacking. 

We recommend firstly adding a sub to the sound system, this can give up to 45% improvement.  This customer chose the Eton 10″ sub.

The Eton UG USB 10 is an active flat subwoofer. So it has a built in amplifier in a rugged constriction design that is all built in to one unit.

This particular customer approached us for a Pioneer Sub and although we use a lot of Pioneer radios we don’t recommend them for audio upgrades.  We recommend brands who specialise in vehicle audio such as Hertz, Audison, Rainbow and Eton.

If you have electric seats it may not fit under the seat but it performs best when it is installed in the boot.

If you’d like to speak to us about your sound system and our recommendations please contact us or call 01622 737393.