Ford Kuga Heated Seats

Discover the comfort upgrade for your Ford Kuga with our custom heated seats. Installed for both the driver and passenger, these seats offer a cozy solution for chilly drives.

Unlike traditional installations that require seat removal, our heated pads seamlessly integrate into the base and rear of the seat from behind, ensuring a hassle-free process.

For customisation options, discuss the button placement with your technician. In this example, the button resides on the front corner of the seat. Alternatively, some vehicles can accommodate the heated seat button on the centre console, as showcased in our Fiat heated seats.

While OEM placement may not always be feasible due to space constraints, our universal heated seats offer flexibility. With either 2 or 4 pads per seat, tailored to seam locations, our seats ensure optimal warmth. Featuring carbon filament technology, these pads provide rapid warming and even heat distribution.

Controlled by a user-friendly “rocker” switch, our heated seats offer three settings: high, low, and off. Each pad includes an electronic thermostat, maintaining consistent temperature and electricity flow within the carbon fibre pad.

Curious to see the installation process in action? Check out our time-lapse demonstration (end of article).

Explore more examples, including Ford Kuga installations, for inspiration.

For any inquiries or additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out or call us at 01622 737393. Experience warmth and comfort on your journeys with our premium heated seats.

You can see a demonstration time lapse of a heated seat installation here:

You can also see another Ford Kuga here.

And a mini cooper here.

If you would like any other information please feel free to contact us or call 01622 737393.