Cruise control

cruise control

Also known as Speed Control, Cruise Control automatically controls the speed of your vehicle. A cruise control system takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed that the driver sets.

Cruise control is set and altered by an “arm” which is added to the steering wheel. The control usually allows you to set and unset the speed, increase or decrease the speed as well as setting a speed memory to automatically click back on when desired.

Cruise control is easily stopped by either touching the brake or switching it off at the speed control arm.

Advantages of Cruise Control

  • useful for long journeys
  • Can result in better fuel efficiency
  • Prevents subconsciously violating speed limits

​Cruise control can be added to most vehicles and prices start from £299 for more information or advice please feel free to ​contact us.

What is meant by cruise control?

Cruise Control is a system which takes over the throttle of your vehicle to maintain a set speed – so it is possible to cruise along.  It is very easy to control and is immediately stopped if the driver touches the brake or presses the stop button.

How do i use cruise control?

Cruise Control is used to maintain a set speed and is controlled by an arm on your steering wheel.  The arm usually has an on & off button along with an increase and decrease of speed button and memory button for you to be able to set and return to a set speed.

When did cruise control come out?

It was invented by Ralph Teeter in 1948 – he was frustrated with his lawyer driving him in a car which he kept speeding up and slowing down as he was talking.