Cruise control

cruise control Upgrade

Commonly referred to as Speed Control, Cruise Control is an automated system that manages your vehicle’s speed. By taking command of the throttle, this system maintains a consistent speed as determined by the driver. Moreover, it can serve as a means to cap the vehicle’s speed, aiding in preventing speeding fines or license points.

Utilising an “arm” affixed to the steering wheel, cruise control settings are adjusted and activated. This control allows for setting and clearing speeds, altering speeds, and configuring a speed memory for automatic activation when desired.

Disengaging cruise control is easily achieved by applying the brake or deactivating it through the speed control arm.

Advantages of Cruise Control Upgrade

– Reduces driver fatigue on long trips by maintaining a consistent speed
– Helps improve fuel efficiency by optimising speed and reducing unnecessary acceleration
– Assists in avoiding speeding tickets by setting a maximum speed limit
– Allows drivers to focus more on the road and surroundings rather than constantly adjusting speed

​Cruise control can be added to most vehicles and prices start from £600 for more information or advice please feel free to ​contact us.

What is meant by cruise control?

Cruise Control is a system which takes over the throttle of your vehicle to maintain a set speed – so it is possible to cruise along.  It is very easy to control and is immediately stopped if the driver touches the brake or presses the stop button.

How do i use cruise control?

Cruise Control is used to maintain a set speed and is controlled by an arm on your steering wheel.  The arm usually has an on & off button along with an increase and decrease of speed button and memory button for you to be able to set and return to a set speed.

When did cruise control come out?

It was invented by Ralph Teeter in 1948 – he was frustrated with his lawyer driving him in a car which he kept speeding up and slowing down as he was talking.