Heated Seats Installation

Having heated seats in a vehicle is a small affordable luxury, and this draws lots of people to invest in heated seats. Whether you are trying heated seats for the first time or you are missing the warm comforting feeling, we have the solution for you.

We have recently been contacted by a gentleman who wanted heated seats in his Jaguar X-type. Our customer previously had owned the same make and model, however, wanted a car with better features. The only optional extra that the customer had on his previous car that wasn’t on his current vehicle is the heated seats.

Jaguar X-type heated seats

He decided after some cold long winter journeys it was finally time to have some heated seats installed. He initially travelled for over 2 hours to visit a workshop that could talk the talk but not walk the walk. Unfortunately, the customer found out that the workshop couldn’t fit the element into the back cushion. With the Jaguar X-type, there is a curved line in the stitching which is held in place by clips inside the seat. This is what we assume was the problem with their workshop completing the job.

For every heated seat install, we remove all of the necessary clips and reinstall them once the heated seat element is installed. This way the original seat upholstery is kept and so is the original look of the vehicle.

We can install these heated seat elements into most vehicles and they are all installed so that they only operate when the vehicle’s ignition is on, this way there is no risk of flattening the vehicle battery when not being used. The kit allows a large amount of flexibility with the installation including giving you an option of where you would like the heat control to go.

Heated Seats Installed in Kent

We offer a range of heated seats from multiple heat control options and 2 or 4-element heating. Prices start from £195+VAT however for a quote for your vehicle and options please contact us at 01622 73 73 93 or email us at info@caraudiokent.co.uk.