With vehicle theft on the rise, upgrading your car’s security has never been more important. Modern technology offers several advanced solutions beyond basic locks. Let’s explore the three best car security upgrades that Enhance offer: trackers, alarms, and immobilisers.


Car Trackers

Car trackers use GPS technology to provide real-time location data, making them invaluable for recovering stolen vehicles.



– Real-time Tracking: Immediate location updates aid in quick recovery.

– Geo-fencing: Set boundaries and get alerts if your car leaves the designated area.

– Theft Recovery: Increases chances of swift recovery.


Car Alarms

Car alarms deter thieves with loud sirens and alert you to break-in attempts.



– Audible Alert: Loud sirens scare off thieves.

– Remote Notifications: Receive alerts on your smartphone (for Pandora Smart Pro)

– Integration: Works with other security systems for enhanced protection.


Vulnerabilities of OEM Car Alarms

OEM alarms provide basic security but have several weaknesses:

  • Standard features & locations are familiar to thieves.
  • Generic programming can be easily bypassed.
  • Accessible wiring makes them easy to disable.
  • Poor integration with advanced security measures.
  • Basic sensors might not detect advanced break-in techniques.
  • Often lack remote alert features.

Upgrading to aftermarket solutions with advanced features can mitigate these vulnerabilities.


Immobilisers prevent your car from starting without the correct key or code, making them highly effective against theft.



– Prevents Hot-wiring: Stops the engine from starting without the right key.

– Highly Effective: Reduces theft risk significantly.

– Invisible Protection: Hard to tamper with.



– Transponder Keys: Deactivate the immobiliser when inserted or inside the vehicle

– Electronic Code Systems: Require a PIN to start the vehicle (using the vehicle’s existing buttons)


Combining Security Measures

For maximum protection, integrate multiple systems. Combining a tracker, alarm, and immobiliser reduces theft risk and increases recovery chances. Modern systems often integrate seamlessly, offering comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Investing in advanced car security upgrades is essential for any vehicle owner. Trackers, alarms, and immobilisers offer robust protection, ensuring your car remains safe. With the right combination of these technologies, you can drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is well-protected against threats.

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