Guide & Ideas to Buying In Car Entertainment

With more and more families opting for a staycation instead of a holiday abroad, its no surprise that in car entertainment systems are becoming very popular.

Many parents want to entertain their children on long car journeys, avoiding the continuous enquires of “are we nearly there yet?”

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In Car Entertainment Ideas

The first obvious choice is the audio system.  We’ve already done a guide to buying a new car audio system which can be seen here: Guide to Buying Car Audio.

Another obvious choice is a dvd player,  but first you need to consider where you want it to be installed.  There are lots of different options depending on your requirements.  If you wanted a unit mounted to the ceiling of a car this is called an Overhead DVD Player.  These can have either flip down or swivel screens both of which fold into the base when not in use. Overhead DVD players tend to be favoured for larger vehicles such as minivans or SUVs.

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Rosen Rossba rear entertainment DVD players in Mercedes E Class


Another option is the Headrest DVD player which fits into the back of the headrest and intended for multiple users to be able to choose their own film or activity (per DVD player).  Or one passenger can watch a movie whilst another plays a computer game.  We can either install a DVD player into your existing headrests or supply replacement headrests which come in a variety of colours to be able to blend into your cars existing interior.  The replacement headrests are much easier to transfer from vehicle to vehicle if you didnt want to sell the systems with the vehicle.

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Finally an In-Dash DVD player is mounted directly into the cars dash these are controlled by the front passengers only.  They usually only allow a limited number of viewing angles.  The benefit of the in dash monitor is that it can be used to display audio, GPS or back-up camera features.

Once you have a monitor installed in your car you can choose additional upgrades such as reversing camera, various video input such as freeview, iPod, games consoles etc.

Installing Games Consoles into vehicles

As well as keeping the kids occupied for a few hours, games consoles such as the playstation or xbox are popular with adults who have to travel on long journeys and spend long periods of time in the car.  As well as needing a monitor in your car and the actual console you will also need an inverter box ideally a pure sign wave one so you don’t get any interference.

If you’d like any In Car Entertainment advice or to discuss any of your car electrics requirements please feel free to contact us.