Digital radio is the latest way of listening to radio stations in the car with both better sound quality and more radio stations than FM it’s clear to see why it is becoming popular. The digital switchover has no set date yet however latest sources say the switchover will occur two years after national digital radio coverage matches FM coverage, local radio coverage to reach 90% of the population and half of all radio listening is done via digital radio. At the moment it is predicted that the switchover will occur in 2020, but why wait until you are forced to change radio signal when you are missing out on better sound quality from the same stations.

One of the best ways of adding DAB to your vehicle is via a DABmotion rola. The DAB rola is a FM transmitter that allows you to listen to DAB using a free FM signal. When the Digital switchover occurs the FM signal will have less interference giving an even clearer signal. The rolling button on the DABmotion rola and alphabetically ordered stations mean that scrolling to search for new stations is really easy. The DABmotion rola offers 12 easy to use presets to get to your favorite radio stations quicker. With an aux input you can quickly connect any mp3 or other music playing device to the DAB rola with the sound playing through your car speakers. The DAB rola remote is fully wireless and so can be used by anyone in the car and leaves no ugly cables showing. The antenna for the DAB rola is a small, discreet and stuck to the windscreen which means that no holes are drilled into the car preserving the original look of the vehicle.

Enhance can supply and install a DABmotion rola from as little as £199 including VAT using our mobile fitting service.

Please contact us on 01622 73 73 93 or to organise installation or for any further questions.