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Help with your autowatch alarm system

Motorhome Alarm Help

Motorhome Autowatch Alarm HELP

Please watch this video to see how the basic functions of your alarm work with arming, disarming and also isolating the sonics.


If your alarm is going off:

Please check if the indicators are flashing as well as the siren going off.

If NO indicators and just the siren going off this could indicate a faulty siren – please contact us.

If BOTH indicators and siren are going off this is called a full trigger.  This can be either a battery in your contacts or a potential problem with your sonics.  You can see the video below showing where to find the door contacts and also a further video about how to change the batteries.

It’s easy to isolate your sonics to check that they’re not a problem – simply press the arm button twice on your remote and leave the vehicle for a few days to test if the alarm goes off again.  The sonics detect any movement on the inside of the vehicle.

A contact will be located on any habitation doors as well as any lockers that give access into the vehicle. Some customers add additional contacts to other lockers that might contain more valuable items.

If your alarm beeps five times, when arming, it is telling you that something is still open.  Try opening and closing all doors again.  If you still get 5 beeps one of the contacts might need a new battery.

Some vehicles are set to automatically re-arm – this means that if you unlock and disarm the vehicle but don’t enter it for more than 2 minutes the alarm will rearm itself.


You can see a demonstraion video of where your door contacts are located here:


The following video will show you how to locate the battery in the contact:


This video gives an example of the system NOT arming:



If you’d like to discuss your Motorhome alarm please feel free to contact us or call 01622 737393

As well as Security upgrades we also offer speaker upgradesradio upgrade, reverse cameras, parking sensors, witness cameras and much more for your Motorhome. So please let us know if we can assist with anything else.


Each customer has different requirements for their security upgrade as well as different budgets.  

If you’d like us to recommend a sound system for your vehicle please contact us on 01622 737393 or 07884433207.