Jeep Wrangler Security Upgrade

Pandora Smart Pro Immobiliser, Alarm & Tracker with Remote start

Jeep Wrangler Security

Experience enhanced security with the upgraded Pandora Smart Pro package installed in this Jeep Wrangler, featuring remote start capability.

The Pandora Smart Pro encompasses an alarm system, immobiliser, and tracker for comprehensive protection.

Utilize your OEM car remote and Bluetooth tags for immobilisation. Access the system’s settings conveniently through your smartphone or web portal for personalised adjustments.

This cutting-edge security system is equipped with built-in shock, motion, and tilt sensors, safeguarding against key cloning.

With the Pandora Smart Pro, your vehicle operates with its own SIM card, instantly notifying you via calls when the alarm triggers. Receive push notifications for arming, disarming, and detailed vehicle parameter updates.

Watch a brief video showcasing the vehicle here:


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Each customer has different requirements for their security upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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