Car tv freeview

With many people spending longer hours travelling in their cars, Freeview is becoming a popular addition. A range of TV tuners and antennas specifically designed for in car use including Freeview Digital Television are available.

With a DE Multimedia DE-TVD Digital (DVB-T) Freeview TV Tuner you can travel at speeds of up to 70mph! The high quality tuner is supplied with dual amplified window mount antennas for superior reception, especially when on the move.

As digital television requires a good signal, the amount of channels available and reception quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal and the landscape of the area you are in. Unlike with analogue TV where a weak signal might give a poor but watchable picture, with digital it is all or nothing. Generally speaking in a good signal area a decent selection of channels will be available when stationary but reception on the move can be variable.

I’m sure most people would now know that analogue terrestrial TV has been switched to digital terrestrial broadcasting (The Big Switchover). If your car TV system has stopped working you may need a new digital TV receiver.

If you currently have screens in your vehicle for either front navigation units, screens in headrests, or rear facing screens you may now be able to watch digital freeview channels while driving.