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Car Security Information

How much does a car security system cost?

There are lots of different car security options available. We see the security as “layers”, the more layers you have the harder it is for a thief to take your car. The three different levels we offer include Alarm, Immobiliser and Tracker. There are lots of different alarms available with a variety of features. The latest technically is the Pandora Car Alarm system. It includes 5 different motion sensors, a 120 DB siren, Smartphone App, hands free locking and much more.

Alarms start from £420, immobilisers start from £500 and trackers also start from £300.

The Pandora Smart Pro system also includes Alarm Immobiliser and Tracker – the alarm system gives you notifications of any activity on the vehicle including doors, opening/closing, fuelling, engine and battery levels as well as calling you when the alarm is going off. This system is £1350 supplied & fitted.

What is a motion sensor on my car security?
There are a variety of sensors that alarms come with, these can include:

1- Tilt – detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft
2- Shock zone – Hard impact detection, brick through window
3- Shock warn – Light impact warning detection
4- Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing, catalytic converter theft
5- Proximity Sensors with external warn away – internal cabin motion detection & external warn away chirps

How do I know if I have a car alarm?

The easiest way to test if a car has an alarm is to sit in the vehicle, lock the car and then after 30 seconds start to move around in the car – if you have an alarm it should go off.

How do I reset my car security system?
Different car alarm manufacturers have different ways to reset the alarm system. Most don’t require any resetting after an “incident”. If the alarm is not performing properly you may need to change the battery in the remote, check the door contacts are all working properly and also ensure you have an annual service on an after market alarm.
What can set off car alarms?

Depending on the alarm that you have installed will depend on what sets it off. Any movement inside the vehicle will set off the alarm. If you have a proximity sensor it will give a chirp or beep when someone is too close to the vehicle. If you have a tilt sensor the alarm will go off if the vehicle is “jacked” up. Any impact on the vehicle should set the alarm off – a brick through the window or an impact with another vehicle.

Sometimes car alarms can go off unnecessary due to weather, traffic or other incident.If the car alarm keeps going off as soon as you try to set it ensure all the doors are shut properly.

Motorhome alarms also allow you to have a PIR – these can be isolated to allow the alarm to be set and people or pets to still be able to move around inside the vehicle.

Can thieves disable car alarms?

A thief can easily disarm a factory car alarm system when they clone your keys or scan the odb port of the vehicle. This makes the vehicle think that the original key is present and disarms the alarm system. It is much more difficult for a thief to disarm an after market alarm system.

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