Car Alarms

We are able to supply and fit, supply only or fit only.

If you are buying an alarm for your car we would recommend that unless you are a competent auto electrician, it should be left to a professional, especially if the alarm has an immobiliser which requires complex connections to be made to the fuel pump, ignition or starter motor circuits.

We are able to ensure the warranty is valid if the alarm fails due to any manufacturing defect. If you install an alarm yourself the can sometimes void the warranty and any guarantees from the manufacturer.

In the UK, a Thatcham car alarm installation is approved by motor insurance companies and by fitting a Thatcham security system you will benefit from cheaper insurance as well as having a very secure, best quality alarm system. After fitting a Thatcham security system the car alarm installer will issue a Thatcham certificate which must be presented to your motor insurer.

If you do not require an insurance approved security system and you are a competent auto electrician then DIY car alarm installation is an option. Some security systems are designed for self installation and come with car alarm fitting instructions.

If you would like more information please feel free to Contact Us. Alternatively you can call us directly on 01622 737 393 or 078844 33207.

Car Alarm More information

There are lots of different car alarms in the UK, some of the most well known are Clifford, Toad, Autowatch, Viper, Stirling, cobra meta, Pandora and many more.

If you are looking for advice on the best car alarm to buy please call us to discuss your car and your requirements.

You can either buy direct from us, which is often cheaper than buying from Halfords or Ebay, or we can fit a car alarm that you already have.

A car alarm fitted will take approximately 4.5 – 5 hours, depending on the car alarm you have and the vehicle it is being fitted to.

We often have car alarms for sale on special offers, so please call us for a quote.

If you have a car alarm that keeps going off, it is likely to need a repair, sometimes it s simply the bonnet switch or ultra sonics. Our call out fee is 45 +vat for up to an hour for labour only.

Car alarm repairs can often be fixed easily, but sometimes we recommend you install a new car alarm depending on the age of the system and the problem it is having.

Car alarm remote starts are becoming very popular to allow you to start your car without going out and putting the key in the engine. This is great for warming it up in the winter and cooling it down in the summer.

There are lots of different car alarm systems that are suitable for different vehicles and different people. Someone who parks their car in a garage every night but on a main road during the day will require a different alarm to someone who parks their car in a high risk area. Some people install a car alarm to get a reduction on their insurance. Some insurance companies will insist on an alarm in some cars before they are able to insure the vehicle. These are usually Thatcham approved alarms which include a certificate of installation which we can supply.

Some car alarms can send you a text alert to let you know the alarm is sounding, this is great if the car is often parked in a public place.

We do not supply any car alarms for under 100, we deal in Thatcham approved alarm systems which are generally between 250-300 including installation. Most of this cost is due to labour required to professionally install the alarm.

If you are interested in a car alarm with central locking we can supply and fit these, alternatively we can also fit remote central locking without a car alarm.

We are a specialist car alarm company in Kent, we are mobile installers who can come to you while you’re at home, work or sometimes even out shopping (depending on the job). We also work in London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

Our prices are very competitive for mobile fitting of your car alarm and other auto electrical enhancements.

If you have any other car alarm questions or would like some advice please feel free to call us on 01622 737393 or 077884 433207 or email: alternatively visit our Contact Us page.