Car Alarm Q&A

Q.Does my car have an alarm system ?

A.Not all cars come with a standard factory fitted alarm, however, they do come with an immobiliser but this isn’t useful as soon as they have cloned your keys the car disables the immobiliser.

Q.Which car alarm system is best?

A.We’d recommend Pandora & Autowatch, depending on your vehicle make, model and year will depend which one we recommend for you.

Q.Will car alarms go off by themselves?

A.Car alarms will not go off by themselves for an unknown reason.  They can sometimes be triggered by the weather, an item inside the car such as a laptop, phone or even a mouse!  Somestimes changes in the vehicles batter can also set off the car alarm as it thinks there is a problem.

Q.How much are car alarms?

A.Car alarms start from £420 inc VAT for a  Thatcham insurance approved Cat 1 alarm system, there are a number of optional extras that can be added to make your vehicle more secure. The latest technology is a Pandora alarm system including an alarm & immobiliser, they start from £750 supplied and fitted inc 5 different sensors.

Q.How effective are car alarms?

A.They are very effective to alert you that someone is trying to break into your car with a loud high pitch sound.  We always recommend adding more than just a car alarm.  The alarm alerts you that there is a problem, an immobilier will stop the car from being started and then a tracker will help you to recover the vehicle if it does go missing.

Q.Should I install a car alarm myself or professionally?

A.This needs to be installed professionally as if there are connections that have to be made with the other electronic components or accessories of your car such as the stereo, windows, heating and air conditioning, and lights among other things.

Q.Where are car alarms installed?

A.There is a number of different locations where a car alarm can be installed this all depends on what type of vehicle it is.  A factory fitted alarm system is usually installed in the same place on each vehicle.  This is a risk as once the theives know where the alarm is and what the weaknesses are they know how to disable it for all the same vehicles.  After market alarm systems are installed in a variety of places making it harder to locate for potential thieves.