Bentley GTC 2017

The Bentley Continental GT is a regular installation for Audio with us.  Although the Bentley is a high end vehicle the sound system is very disappointing. You can see another Bentley Audio upgrade here
We upgraded this Bentley GTC with Apple car play entertainment and Hertz Mille Legend audio to includes speakers, amp and processor.

Bentley GTC

Apple CarPlay to Bentley GTC

For the entertainment we added Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and screen mirroring interface.  This interface enables you to access all your music, as well as your favourite apps such as Spotify, Google Maps, Waze and many other apps on your phone.
Spotify on Apple CarPlay in Bentley
This customer requested the USB connection to be installed in the centre console under the screen.
Apple CarPlay on Bentley GTC
The system is controlled using all the factory controls.
Waze on Bentley GTC with Apple CarPlay
You can see a demonstration video of the Apple Car play here:


You can see a demonstration video of the Android Auto here:


Audio Upgrade to Bentley GTC

For the Audio upgrade we used Hertz Mille Legend speakers with two Hertz ML Power 4 amplifiers and finally a H8 DSP processor.
Bentley GTC Audio upgrade
The Hertz Mille Legend speakers are renowned for full and detailed hifi reproduction.  The Mille range reproduce music with astonishing accuracy.
The Hertz ML Power 4 amplifier is brutishly power despite its compact size. The balanced hi-level inputs of the amplifier ensure noise is kept to a minimum. These have been custom installed into the rear of the boot.
Bentley GTC Custom amp installation
The Hertz H8 DSP offers functionality and quality to be able to fully control the sound in your car.  It allows the vehicle to be set up with 2 seat listening,  as well as using a 31 band graphic equaliser on each output channel complete with time alignment, Linkwitz and Butterworth filters.
Bentley GTC Audio upgrade
These are the original speakers removed from the Bentley:
Original Bentley Speakers
We added tweeters to the A Pillars:
Hertz Mille Legend Tweeter in Bentley GTC
Tweeter Added to Bentley GTC
If you’d like any other information or advice about this installation please contact us or call 01622 737393.